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Why Sell With Our Support

Are you facing the challenge to sell your car? Let us help you to find a buyer and every step on the way to successfully complete a sales transaction. Save time, money and stay confident when using our simple end-to-end hassle free sales solution. Our offer to assist is an alternative to traditional trade-in and part exchange which we know will hurt your pocket. Hence, we help you to sell directly to a buyer:

Achieve a premium resale value

If you trade-in your car to a dealer, auction or a “we buy any car” company wastes your hard earned money, The best option is to sell your car privately. We help you to maximise trade value and minimise the risk of an upset buyer, who in the worst case demands compensation.

Give your buyer a 3-month warranty

Sell your car with increased level of confidence and reduce the risk of potential aftersales issues. Our service comes with a 3 months warranty for the benefit of your buyer. A warranty might be the selling point, which sets you apart from others.

Give your buyer a fresh MOT

We’ll work with you to ensure your car has passed a MOT before handing over the car to your buyer.

Our service is giving you a competitive edge!

Gain the buyer’s trust – bring clarity about your car’s condition

Your car is validated by an industry professional and the buyer is provided with an inspection report, outlining your car’s condition. Trade ethically and offer the buyer transparency and avoid potential niggling after sales issues.

Increased attractiveness – professional preparation

Visit the nearest MintyCar service centre and get your car professionally prepared for sale. A nicely prepared car is more attractive and increases your chance to close a successful sale and achieve a premium re-sale value. Yes, it is as simple as that!

Effective marketing

MintyCar takes care of all the marketing. We use the best advertising and social media channels. Just wait for customer calls. We can even manage your customers, allowing you to focus on other more important things.

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