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MintyCar supports the latest consumer trends. Trading between sellers and buyers directly without “middle men”. Both sellers and buyers want a safe and fair deal. Inadequate knowledge and confidence can bring unnecessary tension between the seller and buyer. Hence, MintyCar conducts that trusted partner for both parties. We provide a raft of services which facilitate a smooth transaction between sellers and buyers. As a trusted partner we provide:

Increased transparency

To facilitate a smooth transaction both seller and buyer should be aware of the current status of the car. This is not always easy if parties don’t have knowledge about cars. We help and bring clarity and transparency.

Professional preparation – “showroom” standard

Let us help you to ensure that the car is professionally prepared for sale. A well prepared car to “showroom” standard increases the chances to get the asking price and increases the buyer’s confidence.

Warranty protection

Both owner and buyer can rest assured of an amicable resolution if a serious, unknown and unexpected mechanical failures happens after completed sales transaction. The warranty covers many serious and costly faults.

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