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Why Buy From a Private Seller

When looking for a used car, there are both potential benefits of buying from a private seller. Drawbacks such as increased risks and reduced protection are reduced by buying a car from a private seller whose car has been vetted, prepared by MintyCar and covered by a warranty. Here are a couple of benefits described.

Vehicle history

When it comes to vehicle history, a private seller likely has more information than a dealer. After all, dealers are unable to put the same level of attention about vehicle history as a private who knows the ins and outs of his or her vehicle. Of course, it’s up to your judgement to decide how much to trust a private seller, but having some background information is certainly a benefit.

Purchase price

If you’re looking for the best possible purchase price, you’re likely to find it from a private seller rather than a dealer. The reason is simple. While a dealer needs to make a profit on each vehicle, a private seller doesn’t have the same level of concern. Instead, private sellers are usually trying to sell an old vehicle so they can buy a new one, and that means they’re often more willing to negotiate just to ensure that the car is sold quickly. Normally, you have more negotiating room with a private seller.

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